Holistic and Harmonic references

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Holistic and Harmonic references

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As long as we have time, we do science. I like to think that the first step in recognizing the multidimensionality of the world is always sensitive, internal and born out of the humanity in us. I feel alive when I read in documents on the internet that all humans and non-humans deserve respect for their existence. There is a strong feeling that we can really do many things, including some cyber dreams come true. Eyes shine with each discovery, we are not alone.

The practice of Holistic Science

The global and common agreement is very strong: that all beings have the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate with full conditions. It is an agreement that opens infinite perspectives, strengthening all the knowledge that can, and will be, connected.

We started the first steps in Holistic Sciences creating exits on a path of destruction. Observing the places where we go wrong, where we consume each and every element. We try to break all Pachamama cycles with the absence of the biocentric soul.

What went wrong and what will work is the basis on which we will build new environments and interactions. Inspired and dedicated to living and complex systems, future processes need to be joyful, fun and with emerging creativity, generating free and clean resources.

The power of the Sacred is everywhere and can be found in the forest, in the city or in a sugar cane plateau. When we recognize that Pachamama is our guardian of the big kernel, that legislates above us, we strengthen a democracy in infinite languages ​​and everywhere, surprising can be the opportunities to do science respecting harmonious ethics.

When we go for walks around the world, we are pleased to know countless places, beings and humans capable of practicing their existence with dignity and respect for Mother Earth. With confidence we will create conditions for more actions, powerful manifestations of existence, highly qualified in a recognition beyond differences.

Approaches for an Earth-centered worldview

Water is, however, the fundamental element for all beings. From the hydrographic basins we can have good paths in order to optimize the relationship between the distributed human clusters and the preservation of species and their ecosystems on the planet.

The economic productions of the different human systems invade local and global, glocal spaces, transforming the environmental conditions for sustaining life, generating many losses in the interfaces between Society and Nature.

One suggestion is to pay attention to actions related to technological standards and guidelines, especially the cybernetics ones. Cybernetics unites the “common points in biological, mechanical and social systems” (MEDINA, 2011) and I think they are capable of expanding the performance of organizations, especially associative ones, in the interrelationships between production, people and Nature.

The cluster itself can be physical or fundamental, exist in matter in the world or in the right idea of ​​beings, whether in the fixed address or in the nomadic life, we are almost all "at home". We always need more attention to fully understand the importance of choices, whether interactive or iterative. In addition to power, we must.

With new contracts that are more flexible, tolerant and adaptable to hybrid forms of governance (neither market nor hierarchy), we can create alternative forms of conflict arbitration. Often, without guarantees of the virtuosity of our cultures, in all aspects of life.

It is therefore important to pay special attention to the nexus between beings. These links are capable of generating cyber associative organizations that, with the use of technological infrastructure focused on the survival of the species and not on profit, can more harmoniously integrate our life support systems on the planet.

The key problems and obstacles

We are building a necessary connection between the past and the present, respecting and harmonizing human processes with all forms of life.

One of our main problems is to find points of balance and action in everyday life. We need to build Nature's rights in a world that does not yet guarantee Human Rights.

Human clusters make their decisions without a global understanding of the whole. And we have great difficulty in fulfilling global collective agreements capable of expanding the regeneration of social and environmental ecosystems.

The main obstacles are the emerging factors at the group level, which influence our quality of life. The obstacles occur in the form of social, financial and territorial inequality, pollution, corruption, disrespect for legislation or non-compliance with functions.

Top recommendations for actions

It is possible to think of resilience offices everywhere on the planet, committed to the recognition of non-humans in the development of localized initiatives.

The groups of actions must be able to recognize the construction of the global common space in certain steps of time, where the multi-agent systems, given the low overhead both in communication and in the processing effort, allow gains in the complexity necessary to face the situations of problems.

We humans can respond to cyclical factors in the quality of our relationship with Nature, fully respecting the ecosystemic manifestations in our choices, in addition to being able to change our behavior. It is worth the effort.

The redundancy in the functions and programming of a robust swarm are iterative, interdependent with each other and triggering mutual changes of state.

The development of our characteristics of intelligent swarms is fundamental, including all elements with interdependence and strong nexus, in order to expand the capacity of agents when approaching tasks. With numerous points of view, swarms can create subtasks and perform them at the same time, maintaining diversity.

We can provide support to forms of organization capable of interacting with an open, human and non-human audience. We can open the code of the Earth, creating opportunities to support a way of doing and producing without prejudice and, who knows, strengthening the power that emanates between beings, allowing the continuity of existence of our species on the planet.

The fight is for life

"We recognize that planet Earth and its ecosystems are our home and that "Mother Earth" is a common expression in a number of countries and regions, and we note that some countries recognize the rights of nature in the context of the promotion of sustainable development."

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The Rights of Nature

Devising a new world will require a new relationship with the Earth and with humankind's own existence.

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